Ascendant Network Enforcer

The Ascendant Network Enforcer allows you to supervise, restrict, respond and report all network activity that you deem unsecure or unnecessary. If you don't want your users to download a certain type of file, you can enforce that rule with the Network Enforcer. If you don't want your computers to run a certain application like a chat program, you can enforce that policy with the Network Enforcer.

This program is highly customizable to allow you to define the behaviors that you want reported. This feature cuts down on the log sizes so you do not have to try to filter through thousands of log entries to find what you are looking for.

The Network Enforcer allows you to monitor, filter and react to unwanted behaviors in real time. This employee monitoring program records Internet connections, website visits and all incoming and outgoing email activity. It also monitors file and document usage, windows opened and applications executed.

The Ascendant Network Enforcer invisibly monitors, restricts and controls insecure keystroke phrases and email attachments and inappropriate application, file and website activity. All this is done in real time allowing you to instantly know exactly what every user is doing on your network thus increasing your bottom line by making your staff more productive.

Supervise Network Users

Supervise with the Network Enforcer and its easy to use graphical interface that puts all computer activity on your network just a click away.

Event Entry Information Viewer

Restrict Computer Activity

Use Network Enforcer to restrict computer activity with its flexible array of activity blocking features as this screenshot shows.

Restrict Computer Activity

Respond to Unwanted Behaviors

Use Network Enforcer to react and respond instantly to unwanted behaviors on your network in real-time. Network Enforcer utilizes three levels of security, each with their own thresholds. When a security threshold is met, Network Enforcer's response mechanism that you have configured takes affect instantly. The Network Enforcer can react by simply warning the user with a customizable message, or you can have it lock down the computer completely and immediately send an alert in real-time.

Respond to Security Threats

Realize Network Enforcer's benefits immediately and increase your bottom line.

Network Enforcer is able to restrict any violations of your specific behavior filters by immediately closing the offending application or website. Network Enforcer does not log all user activity on your network, only the specific behavior that you define. The behaviors are categorized under three security levels allowing you to respond immediately to high security threats. Read more about the benefits here.

Here are the plans and pricing available for The Network Enforcer: