Office Productivity Loss

Office productivity is fundamental to controlling labor costs and maximizing your company’s resources. As you know, time is money. Every minute spent off task is negatively affecting your bottom line. Every minute your staff is aimlessly browsing the Internet or chatting with friends on Facebook affects your bottom line.

The Internet is a huge distraction for your staff. Employees are wasting valuable company time by surfing inappropriate web sites (Facebook, pornographic, shopping, sports, MySpace, auctions, etc…), sending/receiving personal email, talking to friends or spouse via online chat, downloading illegal software and music and a multitude of other time wasting activities.

Do you want to know what they are doing? An office computer monitoring program will let you know how much time they are wasting online.

Taking charge of how your employees use the Internet and eliminating excessive non-business Internet activity will increase productivity and produce significant cost savings. Additionally, observing the ongoing performance of your employees will provide you with valuable information about how to improve their effectiveness on the job.

Imagine the look on their faces when you show them a log of their Internet activities during a performance evaluation.

Productivity Loss

Productivity loss due to extracurricular Internet activity is dangerous. Unlike an attack, this threat can rarely be isolated to a particular time or place, and it persistently undermines the performance of both people and equipment in a variety of ways.

Losses Result From:

These online distractions are difficult to resist but easy to monitor. They reduce network bandwidth and waste disk space. And the effects are compounded. People usually rely on other people to get work done - just as they rely on network availability. When one person uses the Internet inappropriately, others suffer as well. So does your bottom line!

The Bottom Line

According to IT research firm Gartner, non-work-related Internet surfing results in an estimated 40% productivity loss each year for American businesses. Even more dangerous are the legal ramifications of viewing unauthorized or pornographic content in the workplace. Companies both large and small risk heavy fines for allowing their employees to view this content at work. Implementing an effective Web-filtering solution can help eliminate the legal liability and associated loss of productivity that results when employees view unauthorized content.

According to a recent Gallup poll, the average employee spends over 75 minutes per day using office computers for non-business related activity. That translates into an annual loss of $6250 per year, per employee. An average mid-size company of 500 employees could be expected to lose $3.25 million in lost productivity due to Internet misuse.

There is a huge cost for inappropriate Internet use. Just 20 minutes a day of inappropriate Internet use can cost a 100-employee company over $8,000 per week. (Assuming $50 per hour per employee.) That is not even factoring in compounding effects.

Can you really afford not to monitor your office computers?